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Florida Family Telehealth is dedicated to providing affordable, quality primary care that is conveniently accessible from anywhere.  

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Exceptional Care

Every 15 minute visit with the provider is $49, including those with and without insurance. Payment due at time of service. (Does not include Lab work). We do not bill insurance companies.

Receive medical care virtually from anywhere. Your visit with the Provider can be done with your phone, I-pad or computer. No more trips to Urgent Care or the Provider’s office.

Our Provider can treat and manage your most common health issues. The only difference is a virtual appointment instead of in-person. 

- Cindy, Dunedin,FL

"I highly recommend Julie. She is caring, professional, and very thorough. We are so happy to find someone with flexibility who knows her stuff."

"Julie was very attentive and knowledgeable about my medical concerns. Her work ethic and personal attention guarantees I’ll be reaching out to her again."

- Sarah, Land O’Lakes, FL

- Tina, Dunedin, FL

"I highly recommend Julie for your medical needs. The convenience of having an appointment from home is amazing. It saved me time and money. I can’t see myself seeking treatment anywhere else ever again."

"I have a compromised immune system from cancer. I had what I felt was a severe sinus infection, and like we always have in the past, I had to miserably go to my doctor. I went through a round of antibiotics and was still miserable. At that point I called Julie Bearce as I didn't even want to leave the house. She offered me a teleconference which during these times was MAGICAL! She asked several questions, nailed a diagnosis, and called in a script nearby that my wife picked up. The infection went away and Mrs. Bearce also followed up to make sure I was responding to the treatment. This was just an overall great experience!"

- Tim Young, Dunedin, FL


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